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Stageism - [steyj-izm] noun - Fun, off-the-cuff, comments often made in the heat of a mix session by a Director, Producer, Writer, or Exec.

Some cannot be re-printed, these are the safest ones I could find. The quotes below are 100% real, verbatim, and un-edited. Enjoy.

“Can we bring down that uvula a little bit”

“Okay, it does look sorta penis-ey”

“I wanna beef up his kick to the crotch”

“This is the best cheese I’ve ever had, for free”

“It’s weird how certain farts work for certain scenes”

“Thanks for the Satanic reminder, friend”

“We need the exploding monkey!”

“I like the sound of lizards getting tossed along the wall”

“I think it’s 80% hard FX, 20% Ron Perlman”

“Let’s go back to when he opens his snack hatch”

“I’m 95% certain this is a bad idea”

“I’m trying to decide between two wobbles”

“I wish we were eating room temperature stew out of can, right now”

“Can we bring up the dragon poop, it’s getting swallowed there”

“All the farts must make sense”

“Put some moisture on that one and we got it!”

“..right at the end when Ruth gets whacked by Mother’s tomato”

“When the head comes out of the butt, bring it up”

“The fart really needs to cut through. So, if we need a new fart, get a new fart”

“Someone needs to tell me how hard I have to work before I work”

“Is that pig wearing a toupee?”

“Is there a spray sound in his butt”

“You want the double-cock?”

“Frank did a good yank-off”

“Take a little Mary Poppins out of it”

“I haven’t talked to him about the chicken yet”

Exec: “Can we make that funnier?”

Dir: “What’s funny about it?”

“Do you want a quarter or do you want notes?”

“Can we find some of the bottom-end tough-guy flap?”

“It’s really easy to have high standards when you don’t have to do anything”

“I don’t know if you were right on the other thing; I just let you win.”

“Why sexy Ewok?”
“A soul expelling belch is where it’s at”

“I want people to watch the show and say, ‘What the f*&%! is going on?’”

“Aren’t all the New Kids on the Block dead anyway?”

“When the centaur bumps into the ice urinal....”

“Make it loud. I don’t care”

“..when the kids are cheering.. when they’re on fire”

“I didn’t hear the piano while the pig and the chicken were bouncing on the keys”

“Can you lower the music so we can hear the guy die”

“Maybe a honk and a chicken cluck too”

“There should just be random balls on her head”

“Screaming children hitting the ground are always funny”

“No BALL jokes on this show”

“Can we pull out some of the effect when he’s tonguing the box?”

“That’s a powerful pupu”

“I don’t understand, it’s just crazy, clown nurses kissing toes”

“You can lose all the cloth stuff an go Chuck Norris only”